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Talking Points: it's tourney time in Tennessee edition

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  • Why doesn't RTT cover the Lady Vols? Time. You know, it keeps on slippin'? Why doesn't someone in the Tennessee 'sphere fill the niche? Good question. Perhaps MoonDog'll do it. He's got a nice recap of of the Ladies' 13th SEC Tournament Title.
  • Quote of the day. Somebody asked JaJuan Smith if he ever thought he'd be on a conference championship team. His answer: "Asleep? Yes. Awake, no." Chest bump to MoonDog again where I saw it first.
  • Road Trip! Ghost of Neyland has travelogue of sorts for his trip to Thompson-Boling yesterday to take in senior day. Sure sounds like it was a lot more fun to be there than to take it in on t.v.
  • No. 1 seed locked up? With Tourney Time just around the corner, the BruceBall Blog notes that "No team since 1999 has finished the year with an RPI better than BruceBall’s RPI is right now."
  • Take on Jackson the Mule. Speaking of the NCAA Tournament, the Rocky Top Talk ESPN Tournament Challenge Group is all set up and awaiting your arrival.
  • But first . . . it's the SEC Tournament this week. It's looking like's going to be the headquarters for the best info, including the schedule and t.v. listings. We get a bye on Thursday and then play the winner of the South Carolina-LSU game Friday at 1:00 EST on Raycom. If we advance, we'll play Saturday at 1:00 EST, again on Raycom, and if we win, we'll play for the Tournament Championship Sunday at 1:00 EST on CBS.
  • Auburn Elvis emails to inform us about his SEC Tourney Photo Scavenger Hunt. You could win a $25 gift certificate.
  • ESPN's Bruce Feldman's recent column surveys the various opinions on the topic of player discipline ($) and includes a quote from yours truly.
  • Aww:
    Chest bump to SEC Football Blogger for the find.
All for now. Rest up. It's almost Tourney Time in Tennessee!