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Talking Points: coasting to Tourney Time edition

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  • I'm with Stupid. Corn Nation is offering free t-shirts to Nebraska players recently charged by police for "being inmates of a disorderly house."
  • De-Stupided, so far. Hey, guess what? The football team has gone several weekends now without having any run-ins with the police. Credit the emergence of team leaders who instituted an 11:00 p.m. curfew. 
  • Speaking of leaders . . . check out Eric Berry's attitude:
    [Coach Fulmer] did promise me [that I would play some on offense]. I would say if it happens, it happens. I want to focus on defense, but if he does pull me over to offense that would be nice. The way things are looking with Gerald Jones, though, if it's not broke, don't fix it.
  • A Sea of Blue has the complete breakdown of each team's statistical probability of winning each round of the SEC Tournament. The BruceBall Blog has the Tennessee perspective. According to the numbers, Tennessee's in pretty good shape. But numbers do not know our history in Atlanta.
  • Honor roll. Congrats to Tyler Smith and Chris Lofton for being named to the coaches All-SEC first team and to JaJuan Smith for making the second team. Oh, and to Pajamas for being selected as the Sixth Man of the Year. And to coach Pearl for being named co-coach of the year with Kentucky's Billy Gillespie. And to each of them for recognizing the team in the midst of individual honors. And I probably forgot something.
  • I kicked Calipari 200,000 miles. Vol Brian has taken his animosity for Memphis coach John Calipari to the internet:

  • Assignment. Go here. Vote for Lofton. You're excused. HT: Holly.
  • Batter up. Add baseball to the growing list of many things I know next to nothing about. Luckily, we have Gate 21.
  • Operators are standing by. If you haven't signed up for the RTT ESPN Tournament Challenge, what are you waiting for?