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Land of the free. Home of the brave.
Enemy on Friday.
Photo credit: Bob Jagendorf
Last night, I had the opportunity to talk with Fooch, who blogs for SB Nation at Niners Nation and who also happens to be an American University alum and fan. Listen to the approximately 18-minute audio below to learn:
  • exactly who is this American University and do they really have a basketball team?
  • who are American University's best players and what style of ball do they play; and
  • why the patriotic-sounding American University is actually a subversive terrorist organization.
Many thanks to Fooch, who is a wealth of information on Tennessee's first opponent in the 2008 NCAA Tournament. Apologies for the lack of professionalism on my part.

Remember Vol fans, for two and a half hours on Friday, it is pearlfectly okay to want to defeat America.