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Talking points: meandering thoughts on seeding and . . . where was I?

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  • A Sea of Blue continues to set the standard for basketball blogging, this time by charting out each team's odds to make it to each stage of the NCAA Tournament. I'm working on something sorta kinda quasi-similar, but it will most certainly be less impressive and fraught with errors, miscalculations, and outright stupidity to boot. Beat that, aSoB! (At least we have a better acronym!)
  • Fulmer's Belly has unearthed American University's top-secret game plan against the Volunteers. That's what I think it is, anyway. It could also just be nervous fingers and a trigger-happy publisher launching a test post into RSS space from which it can never be retrieved. Wait-listed at American, my Jackson.
  • We got a No. 1 seed after all. Oh, wait, them's the Ladies. The men finished the season 5th in the final poll of the season. Like it matters. What matters is that we're a No. 2 seed in the Big Dance and widely regarded as the last No. 2 seed despite the argument that all No. 2 seeds were essentially equal and that our resume was rewarded with a game close to home despite the fact that it put us in a bracket with the announced overall No. 1 seed in its home state, even though that might not matter because we still have to get by American, either Butler (probably) or South Alabama (in Birmingham), and then Louisville (probably) before we can even think about that, and, my, this sentence reminds of that law school professor who shall remain anonymous who felt compelled to define every word over five letters long in the middle of whatever thought he was exploring, the problem being that he was also compelled to define every word in the definition and so on ad nauseum, yet he somehow always wormed his way back to his original thought and the joke emerged that in order to excel at second-semester-contracts all you really had to remember was one very long sentence and now I am marveling at how he did it because there is no way in Hades I'm finding my way back to the whole seeding thing.
  • Okay, then.
  • So the seeding may actually work for us, as it puts the team in a bit of an underdog, chip-on-the-shoulder role. Yay for expectations management! Also, the BruceBall Blog actually looks at the numbers and has a couple of enlightening posts concluding that our No. 2 seed might not be as bad as it first felt. The Power T helps us to focus on the task at hand, taking a look at the first weekend's opponents.
All for now. Keep an eye out for the "something sorta kinda quasi-similar" I mentioned above. Somebody go ahead and put 911 on speed dial, because playing with pythag is like juggling ginsu knives for me. Also, a preview of American coming soon, provided I don't slice off too many of my fingers.