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Talking points: cool, but oy edition

First thought: Cool!
Second thought: Oy.
Quickie lunchtime linkage:
  • Hat tip to UT Vols football for finding the Lofton cover first.
  • Don't forget about the RTT ESPN Tournament Challenge. It's not too late to play. Tomorrow, well, tomorrow will be too late. Check out the cumulative results from all ESPN players to find out where most think Tennessee will end up. Not only have I added a bracket based solely on KenPom's pythags and log5 method, I've also added one based solely on RPI to see how that works out. My guess is that Jackson the Mule beats them both.
  • That preview of American I mentioned the other day? Not gonna happen. Fortunately, Fulmer's Belly has the preview that you absolutely will not see anywhere else. Seriously.
  • I know we pointed to it earlier, but this quote from one of Pearl's former players (in Pat Forde's article) deserves extra attention:
    We used to call them million dollar meetings. You'd go in to talk to him and come out feeling like a million dollars. You might have gone in to complain about playing time, and you'd come out feeling so good that you forgot why you went in to begin with.
    That pretty much describes what he's done to Vol fans, too, doesn't it?
  • Well, thanks for making me look bad. Ghost of Neyland is going to miss the first weekend of tourney play to take his wife to Disneyworld. Me? I'm dragging my family to Birmingham so I can see the tournament in person. Do not ask my family where they would rather be. I am already planning my revenge on Ghost. It involves painting the score of the game on his garage door so he'll be sure to see it when he gets home and just before he was going to watch the tape. My schedule, by the way: travel Thursday morning then in front of the t.v. and the computer the rest of the day, at the games on Friday except for a little bit, some time with the family Saturday morning before returning to the cockpit for Saturday's games, then at the arena for Sunday's games. I am testing my wife's theory that it is in fact possible to overdose on basketball.
  • The BruceBall Blog observes a rarity: Even Bilas says the Vols got jobbed. That's like seeing a shooting star or a comet or John Calipari without hair gel. Am I wrong?

On your way now.