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Rocky Top Trash Talk

Bring It!
Bring It!
      Photo credit: PhototPJ

It's tournament time!

Buckle up your brackets.  Unpack your upsets.  Stretch out those cranial hammys.  Get ready to unload your verbal splendor, because no March Madness bracket competition is complete without trash-talking.

Let's face it; half of the fun of a bracket is getting the chance to rub your co-workers' collective noses into your superior predictive intellect.  Once ESPN locks down the RTT Challenge brackets and opens them up for everybody's viewing pleasure, let us all know why your bracket is the bracket of destiny.  Use your mastery of prose and poetic verse to show why everybody else's bracket just doesn't stack up.

And let's have some fun.  We're a very polite group here at RTT, so we can all agree beforehand that anything said here is purely for entertainment and comedic value.  Be clever, be witty, be bold, and remember:  whatever is said in RT(Trash)T, stays in... well, you know the rest.

Update [2008-3-19 15:59:26 by hooper]: Photo changed due to potential copyright issue.