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The 2007 College Football Blogger Awards: Best Audio

If you're just joining us today, you've caught us in the middle of announcing the winners for the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards. Never fear, as we'll be going the rest of today and all day tomorrow on sites all over the college football blogosphere. To catch up to real time, go check out the awards that have already been presented:

The full schedule for today is here.



And the winner is . . .

. . . EDSBS Live.

Summer. The annual perditious limbo every college football fan abhors. No games. No practice. Little to no recruiting. It is sheer, undiluted tedium, and it's made bearable only through the balm of obsessive list-making and previews of previews of previews.

But boredom is the mother of necessity. Um, invention is Necessity's mother. Uh. A necessary invention is boring your mother?

Okay, whatever. This past summer, laboring under the symptoms of heat-stroke resulting from wandering around in the hot summer desert (long live redundancies!) of football, Orson of Every Day Should Be Saturday teamed up with Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation, and together, they dipped their cooked little toes into the oasis of the internet radio sphere and EDSBS Live was hatched.

A mere three weeks of self-described train wrecks later, they lured their first national icon -- ESPN's Bruce Feldman -- to the show, and for the remainder of the season, they paraded luminary after luminary through their virtual studios: Feldman led to Stewart Mandel, who led to Phil Steele, who led to Clay Travis. The height of it all, though (so far!), was the October 7, 2007 episode, when the guys had the one and only Verne Lundquist on the show. When Verne -- OH, MY GOODNESS! -- mentions your blog during a nationally televised rivalry game and then comes on your internet radio show and says that he's "really, really a fan of what you do," well, then, my friends, you win an award.

Hey, it's not just me talking here:

Black Heart, Gold Pants: Orson and Peter do an excellent job of getting their guests talking, engaging the chat board, and avoiding all of the banality that inevitably infects sports talk radio. Plus they've hosted Uncle Verne and Phil Steele. And it was awesome.

Snarkastic: Swindle and PB keep the pressure off by constantly referencing their own self-assessed mediocrity as radio hosts, but consider this: Without this show, Paul Finebaum would never have been called a !#$%^#^& on live air. Without this show, I wouldn't have been able to do the same to John Adams.

She's got a point. Congrats to Orson and Peter for, yet again, blazing the trail.


This year's runner-up for Best Audio is In The Bleachers, which produces a truly excellent podcast week in, week out, and without fail. Congratulations, guys. Keep it up.

Now head over to Fire Mark May, who, as last year's Best New Blog winner, will present this year's version at around 2:00 EST.