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Talking points: back from the redneck resort edition

Back from my plush New Orleans accommodations. Yes, that sign says "Redneck
Resort." No, it is not photoshopped. Yes, I took it myself on the Pearl River.
Yes, it's off-center.
Quick and dirty talking points this morning:
  • First, foremost. Huge tip of the coonskin cap to the guest posters from last week (in alphabetical order, because you're all my favorite): Aerobab, Corn from a Jar, Ghost of Neyland at Third Saturday in Blogtober, hooper, jon from Fulmers Belly, lawvol at Gate21, and rbk at The BruceBall Blog. I fear that I have ruined the blog by letting you guys raise the bar so high last week. Fantastic job.
  • Second, secondmost. We'll be announcing the winners of the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards all day today and tomorrow. Orson, as this year's host, will be kicking things off at around 8:00 EST, so keep your eye on Every Day Should Be Saturday for that.
  • He's back. Remember Larry? Well, he's emailed a response, and it looks like he busted out his big box of crayons for this one:
    He's dressed him in Big Blue, see?

    Actually, Larry and I have passed more than just an email or two back and forth, and, as I had hoped, the dialog has taken a turn toward the good-natured.
  • A Commit. Hooper's posted over in the diaries that No. 28 overall prospect Kenny Hall committed to the Vols right after attending yesterday's Tennessee-Kentucky game. Ghost of Neyland notes that Hall chose the Vols over the likes of UCLA, Duke, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Clemson and Kentucky, among others. Pretty good company.

Apologies to all, but I am still playing catch-up, so that's all I have for this morning. Head over to Orson's at 8:00 EST for the commencement of this year's CFBAs.