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Who wants to pay more for Tennessee football tickets? Thought so.


Tennessee is raising ticket prices for football games for the 2008 season, men's athletic director Mike Hamilton announced in a press release.

Tickets will be $315 for seven home games, representing a $19 increase for the season or $2.71 per game.

So $2.71 more per game ain't so bad. And the fact that even with the increase Tennessee is still only the fifth-most expensive in the SEC. But, gasp, tickets for Florida and Alabama are going to be $70! UAB, Mississippi State, and Kentucky will set you back $50, and if you want to see Northern Illinois and Wyoming, you'll need two Andrew Jacksons.

I'll tell you this, each game better be $2.71 better than each home game last year or somebody's getting kicked. Do you have any idea how hard it is for an honest mule to make that kind of money?