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The 2007 College Football Blogger Awards: the People's Chomp

Well, we're almost done with another year of College Football Blogger Awards. If you happened to miss any, be sure to check out the following posts for awards that were presented earlier today:


2007 Nominees:

And the winner is . . .

. . . Every Day Should Be Saturday. Really, was there any doubt? I mean whose incandescently bright idea was it to post the poll for the People's Champ Award at Orson's anyway? Shoot, that's like having college football coaches vote in polls that will decide post-season bowl . . . wait:

Seriously, though. There can be no doubt that every blog should be Every Day Should Be Saturday. Let's recap:

The bearded lunatic is the reason the CFBA Cabal instituted the Rule Against Repeats. He's also the reason we instituted the Exception to the Rule Against Repeats. In short, he's the reason rules are made and the reason rules are broken. He sets the standard, and, as SMQ said yesterday, he does so with every single post.

Orson, congratulations. There's a reason The Sporting News is cutting you a check now. Nearly 10,000,000 of them, actually.


The runner-up is MGoBlog, who would no doubt agree that there's no shame in losing to Orson. Like Orson, Brian's got some serious range. One post may feature a sabre-toothed tongue administering fifty lashes in a single post to unsuspecting rival-conference bloggers, but the next may display that of an adorable, cuddly kitten brilliantly accessorized with a fresh-out-of-the-gift-box pink theme to match (no link to the internet archive yet; the wayback machine is still trying to make sense of it). Only the sire of the BlogPoll can grasp the big picture and still manage to maintain a staggering attention to detail. He can spot the faintest inkling of an idea before anyone else and bring it to fruition in such a manner as to discourage anyone else from ever attempting to duplicate it.

Well-deserved congratulation to Brian at MGoBlog.

Now (that's a relative term, there) head over to Every Day Should Be Saturday, who's apt to close the show with a broadway number or something.

P.S. Special note to bloggers shut out in this year's CFBAs

The Old Philosopher has a special message for any blogger going home empty this year:

(embedded audio)