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The 2007 College Football Blogger Awards: Best ACC Blog

Welcome to Day Two of the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards. Check out yesterday's activity at the top of this post. Today's presentations so far:

The rest of today's schedule is a few posts down.


Last year's winner, Eagle in Atlanta, is ineligible to repeat.

2007 Nominees:

And the winner is . . .

. . . Statefans Nation. This NC State blog has everything covered:

Continuity? Check. Their archives go back to December, 2004, which is the equivalent of being older than Adam in the college football blogosphere.

Community? Uh-huh. Comments on front page posts regularly reach into the mutiple scores. Any blogger who's been around for awhile knows how much time and effort it takes to foster that kind of interaction.

Coolness? Affirmative. I just wasted fifteen minutes playing around with their archive navigation system. The whole "this is how many words I wrote and this is how long it should take you to read it" thing is nifty and could come in handy when trying to decide whether to dive deeper on a front page story, but I have to admit that I could do without the pressure of knowing precisely how many seconds it should take me to read 220 words. Hey, I wonder what my forty time is?

Content? Yep, and with humor. In response to the Wolkpack's 37-0 season-ending loss to Maryland, SFN had this to say:

In 2001, Maryland threw oranges on the field at the end of the game at Carter-Finley. Today, they threw statues of Mother Teresa, Gandhi and Bono on the field to celebrate their bid to the bowl that used to be the Humanitarian Bowl.

I'm guessing that's a joke, anyway.

Competent team? Uh, no, and that's what makes Statefans Nation's consistent quality all the more laudable.

Congratulations to Statefans Nation, the 2007 CFBA Best ACC Blog.


Danny Ford is God. In nominating DFIG for Funniest Blog, Road Games had this to say:

Danny Ford is God is [t]otally irreverent and partisan in the best possible way. They'll hate on the opponent's mascot if they have to. "Dumb [Stuff] on Tigernet" is an excellent ongoing feature, and they always manage to dig up ridiculous random hilarity like this, this, and unfortunately this.

Up next is the always excellent Blue Gray Sky, which, as last year's winner, will present the award to this year's Best Big East/Notre Dame Blog at around 11:00 EST.