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Talking points: really, no really edition

Fireworks and football. Mmmm.
Photo by glass window
  • Woo for Lofton! Chris Lofton was named a ninth team All-American by the Associated Press yesterday.
  • Speaking of Lofton, he'll be participating in the slam dunk contest as part of the Final Four festivities in San Antonio on Thursday. It will air on ESPNX from 2:00 to 2:03 a.m., just after college bowling and just before the sepak takraw championship.
  • A monster recruit. The minute that post-season play ended, Tennessee immediately turned its attention to recruiting. Right now, at this very moment, shooting guard Scotty Hopson, whose home town was recently renamed Hopkinsville, Kentucky in honor of the senior, is on campus for an official visit. Says Bruce Pearl, "The plan all along was to exit the NCAA Tournament quickly so that we could recruit the five-star, No. 2 shooting guard in the country while all of the other really good teams were still playing for a championship."
  • Dennis Rogaine is pushing Brent Vinson for the starting quarterback position. Rogaine has also entered into an endorsement deal for Hair Club for Men.
  • Have you realized that Jonathan Crompton will be the only returning starter for the Tennessee offense this season?
  • The Lady Vols are traveling to Poughkeepsee this afternoon to take on Duke for National Roller Derby Championship. The wheels roll at 12:32, just after a nice chicken salad croissant.
  • Tennessee football ticket prices are changing. Games this season will be an even 75 cents. To make this possible, Mike Hamilton has dismissed ticket takers and installed modified gumball machines to take quarters at the gate. Exact change is required. No pass outs. But they are those really cool gumball machines, where the gum spirals from the top to the bottom and triggers a really funny noise at the end. No word yet on how they'll get the tickets to roll. You might just need to blow a bubble at the turnstyle to gain entry.
  • The BruceBall Blog catalogs the reasons the 2007-08 Tennessee men's basketball season sucked.
  • Gate 21 adores CBS.
  • Must-see video of Bruce Pearl racing Jeff Gordon -- on foot. Not a Rick Roll. Repeat: not a Rick Roll.
  • Mark your calendars. The Volunteer football team is moving this season's UCLA game to July 4 to take advantage of Independence Day weekend. The game will kickoff at 10:00 p.m. in Washington D.C. in the Reflecting Poll between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Tennessee will wear Washington colors and powdered wigs instead of helmets while UCLA will wear platform cleats and fake beards. The entire first half will be choreographed to the tune of The Halls of Montezuma with fireworks being synchronized for each touchdown, turnover, and sack.
  • Oh, and if you're a geek (and you know you are), here's a list of 10 geek pranks you can play on your friends today.