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One way to impress your friends at this weekend's Orange and White Game is to bring them food. Another, though, is to smile and yell "TRITAPOE!!!" while everyone else in the stadium is hurriedly flipping through their already tattered programs to find out just who the No. 88 is that recovered that fumble.

So . . . pop quiz:

Update [2008-4-15 7:52:9 by Joel]: By the way, if there are multiple correct answers for a question, you have to select all of them to get credit for getting the question right. But if one answer is better than the others, you have to choose just that one to get credit. So, for instance, if two players wear the same number and one choice is Player A, another is Player B, and another is Both Player A and Player B, only the latter answer is correct.

I think you can add your own questions to that thing, so if you have any stumpers, have at it.

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