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Specifics on the RTT Orange and White Game get together

Update [2008-4-18 16:16:59 by hooper]: In case of the highly probable morning rain, we'll first try the Art and Architecture building (AA). The map location is given in the comments by yours truly. Here are some pictures to get you into the building at the right spot.

From the intersection at
Volunteer and Lake Loudon, go
between the trees.
Go down these stairs.
As soon as you enter the doors, you should
see these benches.

Okay, well it looks like this is the official info for the RTT get together tomorrow:

View Larger Map

Aerobab and I (and probably hooper) will be at location B on the map at around 9:30. A is the first alternate. If it's raining, it will likely be somewhere else entirely.

If for some reason (rain) we're not there, email me at, and I'll let you know where we settled. The best way to keep up with everybody is to sign up for the Google group. That way we can broadcast any updates to the entire list rather than fooling with individual emails.

Right now, there are only six people signed up for the group, so Aerobab's only bringing enough food for that many people. Bring money to reimburse him for the cost and perhaps something extra for the hassle. We won't have a grill unless someone else brings one. Bring your own chairs, blankets, etc. We're still looking for someone with a tent, which would be a really good thing to have in case it actually does storm.

If you're unable to meet us at either of the above locations (or the yet-to-be-determined alternate place) at 9:30, the next place to meet up will be at the player/coach meet and greet at Haslam Field (weather permitting). Some or all of us will hang out around the entrance to Haslam Field beginning at maybe 11:15 until the time they start letting people in.

When that's over, we'll head over to the front of the Neyland-Thompson Sports Center and look for the first open space for the Vol Walk, which I think begins at 1:15. It might start at 1:00.

After the Vol Walk, we'll head back to Circle Park and hang out there until maybe 2:00 or 2:15, at which time we'll head to Gate 9 at the stadium. Once inside, I imagine we'll try to get as close to the 50 yard line and as close to the front as possible. If both sides are open, I think we'll try the furthest from the entrance, which I'm thinking will be the west side this year. If it rains, we'll head for the best dry seats, under the upper level.

The current forecast is mostly cloudy and cooler with a thunderstorm and a high of 65 degrees. If it does rain, all bets are off. They'll probably cancel both Fan Day and the Vol Walk. If that happens, we'll just look for someplace dry to hang out until the game and then find the best dry seats we can.

Again, the best way to find us is to sign up for the Google Group. Since it's looking like it will be cool, I'll probably be wearing a mostly orange sweatshirt (I know) and a Grumpy baseball cap.

So that's that. Look forward to meeting as many of you as possible tomorrow.

Go Vols!