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Thoughts on the Orange and White Game

The "game" is over, and we've all headed home (or are still heading home), but it was a great time.  Joel will certainly get some astute thoughts up when he gets a chance, but I'm going to sneak in a few thoughts/observations of my own.

  • Morley and Berry make a fantastic combination in the secondary.  They'll be fun to watch when they're busy dismantling the QBs of teams other than our own.
  • The attendance was listed at nearly 29,000.  I have no idea how they knew that since there were no tickets or turnstyles, but it looked about right.  If you see the coverage on DISH, it'll look more crowded; stadium renovations meant that much of the seating areas were off-limits, and everybody was gathered in the same third of the stadium.
  • The offense is doing better than the reports from early practices would indicate.  Crompton is clearly the starter right now until proven otherwise and he made good decisions, for the most part.
  • Expect Gerald Jones to be a starter.  That guy was probably the biggest feature of the offense - rightfully so.  Nice work by him.
  • Speaking of Jones, can you say "Single Wing"?
  • (I'd be able to explain more about Jones, but I can't figure out how to get my grainy little video to display correctly.)
  • There was some kind of coaching award (named after Neyland) given at halftime.  I didn't catch the details because I wasn't listening until I heard the name of the coach who won it.  I'll give a hint: the award was likely some kind of lifetime achievement award.  I was quite surprised to see the coach in person, much less to hear his name as an award recipient.  Take a guess and I'll tell you if you're right.
  • Overall, mistakes seemed to be down.  There were a few missed assignments and some oopsies on the lines, but most of the play seemed pretty solid from my perspective.
Again, Joel will post more later.  This is just a tidbit to give a first impression while we wait.