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Talking Points (with a little hacking and wheezing thrown in)

Joel is under the weather today.  Instead, you get a peek behind the curtain of my cluttered mind of sports randomness.  There's lots of news out there for football (which is what we all really care about, after all), but I'll try to pick out a few tibits of loosely-UT-related sports news that you (or XRayVol) haven't already pointed out.

  • Kiss the Lady Vols / UConn series goodbye for a long, long time.  Geno isn't in any mood to reconcile.  (I realize I'm speaking to a partisan crowd here, but I became a fan of the Lady Vols and Summitt long before I ever moved out the Mountain Time Zone and had any affilitaion with UT.  I can't find any reason to think that Summitt's decision was unreasonable.  It was a judgment call and there isn't a perfect right answer, but I can respect her decision.  I can also respect Geno's coaching ability and his frustration at losing the series, but he really does not do himself any favors with this tirade.  It's like junior high, but with a lot more money involved.)
  • Cutcliffe is introducing Duke to SEC Spring Practices.
  • Know thine enemy.  A good rundown of how Florida's spring practices are going.

The NFL Draft is coming up.  You watching?

  • I'll try to get to a TV, but it's not certain.  The joys of being in college and economizing by not having cable does have its price.  If that's the case, I might get a bit of my fix online either through the NFL website or the ESPN website - the traditionalist approach.  But I do plan on following SBNation's Mocking the Draft.  It's a great time to get used to the new feel of SBNation sites (like Rocky Top Talk someday), and they'll probably update faster than the big boys.  The big one to watch will be Jerod Mayo, who MtD has going 40th overall.  I think it'll be a bit higher, but you never know.
  • As you already know, the Dolphins have taken all the fun out of the first round by signing Jake Long.  With the Fish taking all the suspense out of their pick and not going with Sean Penix, we now turn our eyes to the Raiders and the Vikings for draft drama.
  • Yes, those were cheap shots.  But when your Denver Broncos (yes, I said "your") decide to test the integrity of their plumbing by flushing a first-day pick down the biffy, you learn to take joy in the pain others experience.

Yes, I'm excited about the draft because I shun the sun and fear physical activity.  And it's a fantastic excuse to dredge out one of the best songs ever recorded.  H/T to Mike&Mike, who - years ago -  found what should be the official NFL Draft theme song: