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Update [2008-4-26 16:14:55 by hooper]: Jerod Mayo went 10th overall to the Patriots. Talk about a climb up the boards. Great news for him.

Update [2008-4-26 16:28:30 by Joel]: Pats fans, check out our profile of Jerod. Y'all got yourselves a good one.

The ultimate mirage is now upon us.  We've just started the journey down the Sahara that is the football offseason.  In a cruel joke of rehab, team rebuilding and calendar precision, we still have a third of a year before the next kickoff sates our thirst for watching really big men hit each other really hard with full-body blows.

Just at the point of realization of despair - seasons are over, basketball is over (except for those weird NBA types), baseball is touted as our exciting summer schedule - we run across one of the strangest displays of anticipation of the year.

Out of nowhere, the NFL syndrome of this country re-emerges in a spectacular display of hype, overstatement, stress, guesswork, and this:

Oh, yes.  As if the Jets fans in attendance weren't insane enough.  Well, at least there's this...

Well, the show's about to start.  This post is up late, but leave your thoughts here.