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NFL Draft Day 2

Update [2008-4-27 15:13:43 by hooper]: Erik Ainge to the Jets in the 5th round. I'm not wholly up-to-speed on the Jets' situation, but this should give him a year or two to adapt to the NFL before getting thrown in. That's what he'll need to succeed, I believe.
Update [2008-4-27 10:47:28 by hooper]: Congrats to Brad Cottam and the Chiefs for a 3rd-round pick. I think he'll be a good fit and a bit of a steal at this point in the draft. Chiefs fans, take care of him. We didn't use him nearly to his full potential; may you have years of frustrating my Broncos with deep TE passes!

Due to church and other commitments on Sunday, I'm getting a thread up early for any discussion of the NFL draft.  This will be a flex-thread; the front matter will be subject to change based on time and any news that may come down the line.  However, the comments will remain open and free for draft discussion throughout.

Feel free to use this thread to continue any chat about the events of day 1 as well as to talk about anything from day 2.  Hopefully we'll be able to crow about a lot more Vols getting taken soon.  Day 1's previous discussion can be found here.

And WOO! for Jerod Mayo, who did the Vols proud by being taken 10th overall.  When one of the best-drafting teams in the NFL takes your guy far earlier than anybody projects, that's usually a very, very good sign.