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New Website Feature Preview

As Joel mentioned previously, Rocky Top Talk will be getting a major overhaul into the new SBNation format.  I don't know exactly when it's coming, but I've played with it on a few NFL sites (where they made the transition already) and it's going to be really cool.  Having scouted the new system, allow me to share a few thoughts and observations.  This will be just a very small sample of the changes, but if I tried to list everything I noted, your eyes would glaze over.

I'll use the new site of Mile High Report, the blog related to the Denver Broncos, to illustrate a few points (click in the orange texts below for links):

  • Welcome Post  SBNation will automatically post a welcome with instructions when the site transitions.  Take a peek now or wait until it happens here.  This will tell you almost everything you'll ever need.
  • Avatars  Take a look at the "FanPosts" on the right side of the page.  You'll notice the picture next to each FanPost - that's the Avatar of the person who wrote the FanPost.  Upload your own if you want, or let the SBNation default picture stay.  Your choice.  (Here's mine.)
  • Widescreen Format  On the left of the page, a little below the bucking bronco picture, you'll see two options for "narrow" and "wide".  Click them and the site will re-display in either conventional or widescreen format.
  • Improved Comments  Just to name a few:  improved comment editor (no need to know html to pretty up comments); easy picture import (scroll down and you'll see); inappropriate comment flags (not that we should need them here ;) ).
  • LIVE COMMENT UPDATING  Yes, this deserves special mention.  If you're in a comment thread and somebody posts a new comment, it will automatically show the comment.  But it doesn't automatically scroll down to the comment.  Instead, you get a discrete little box in the bottom right corner that lists who made comment(s) with the option of clicking straight to them.  So if a comment comes up while you're reading, you can continue reading happily and catch up on the comments at your leisure.  No need to reload the page to read new comments.  The link goes to the NY Yankees SBNation blog.  Go to it during the Yankees game Wednesday and watch for a while.  It's magic.  (Side note:  I chose the Yankees one because I know there'll be a lot of comments.  I am neither for nor against the Yankees, so don't read anything into that link.  kthx)
That's enough for now.  There's a lot more; some will have to wait until you have your own account and the rest are too numerous to reasonably list.