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Talking points: spring means detachable shoulders edition

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  • Spring is in the air. Tight end Luke Stocker is making the best of his friend Jeff Cottam's injury, and with a new offensive coordinator at the helm, we seem to have re-discovered the fullback position, much to the delight of 2007 RTT#31 Kevin Cooper. The lines, though, oy, the lines. The Papa is still displeased, this time referring to the defensive linemen as soft, weak, and stamina-challenged:

    They need to learn to challenge themselves. We can't be standing over them every play they're out there. They've got to challenge themselves to get in great condition.

    We played less than 30 plays out there today, and you'd have thought we played two football games back to back, the way their eyes were and their demeanor was.

    .     .     .     .

    We'll go to a three-down scheme before we play somebody that's not going to go out there and give you their best effort.

  • Hey, coach. Candace Parker's available. Parker, who picked her arm up off the floor and screwed it back into place -- twice -- on Tuesday night in the Elite Eight, is going through intense rehab (ya think?) for a few days and hopes to play in the Final Four on Sunday. Pat Summit is confident that she will. Will the detachable shoulder affect Parker's draft status? No. She's still a No. 1 pick. By the way, Paragon SC from Conquest Chronicles has everything you ever wanted to know about shoulder dislocations.
  • As for the Man Vols . . . Chris Lofton was named to the Wooden All-America team, but the big news is that the program got the two biggest commitments of the season: one from Scotty Hopson and one from Bruce Pearl. They're both gonna be Vols next year.
  • It could be worse. Yeah, so football season tickets are a whopping $315, but Ohio State and Michigan are both bringing down $420 for their seven-game home slates. And single game tickets? Texas gets $95 a pop for the Red River Shootout.
  • Around the 'sphere. Fulmer's Belly lists the goods and bads of moving the UCLA game to the first Monday night of the season, and do not miss EDSBS' Stuff Orange and White People Like.
Update [2008-4-3 8:59:43 by Jackson the Mule]: And one more . . . Lincoln County inmate Nathan Childress, wearing his prison-issue orange, recently escaped by blending in with Vol fans. The inmates now wear pink.