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Wow, I knew that the Final Four was popular, but I didn't know that fans were so enthralled that they could tune in to watch the pre-event dinner:

The 2008 NCAA Men's Final Four Salute Dinner will be shown right here on at 10:00 p.m. Be sure to check out this exciting kick-off to the Final Four weekend and meet all four teams. Jim Nantz is the host and all four head coaches will also speak.
See Roy Williams pay respect to the meal by tipping his cap to his ribeye!

Watch Jim Nantz, in an attempt to daintily spoon his soup into his mouth, trip his around-the-cheek microphone instead, and accidentally snort his miso directly into his brain!

Witness scores of media types follow Tyler Hansbrough to the john after he consumes a thousand enchiladas to see if he'll lay a golden egg!

I love March Madness.