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Load-bearing, that thing.
Also serves as nice decoy.
Image by Adrian Barnes

It was only fitting that Candace Parker put her team on her sore shoulder and carried them to another appearance in an NCAA championship game. Parker went only 6-27 for 13 points, but she had 15 rebounds and the team's back all night.

The team had hers as well. Shannon Bobbitt hit three three-pointers on her way to 11 points. Alberta Auguste doubled her point average. Nicky Anosike spent much of last night on the bench, but still managed to contribute five points and seven boards. And Alexis Hornbuckle? Well, she just saved hers for last.

Tennessee had stayed three to seven points ahead of LSU for most of the game. Somehow, though, LSU's Erica White found herself at the free throw line with 7.1 seconds to play and her team down by one. She hit both, setting up yet another opportunity for Pat Summit to display her brilliance.

Everybody knew Candace Parker was going to get the ball, and she did -- to begin. Tennessee in-bounded the ball, and Parker dribbled up the far sideline. She then cut to the basket, and the defense began to swarm her. Before they could close the distance, though, she found Anosike all alone under the basket. Anosike put up a layup -- and missed, but by this time, she was no longer alone. No, Hornbuckle was there, too, and she got the rebound and put the ball in in one smooth motion. LSU's desperation pass was intercepted, and the Lady Vols were on their way to another championship game.