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So there's this:

I hope this makes it onto YouTube.

Dennis Rogan intercepted a Jonathan Crompton pass and returned it 82 yards for a touchdown Saturday in Tennessee's football scrimmage. But that's not the real highlight.

By the time Rogan passed midfield on his way to the north end zone, defensive coordinator John Chavis started swinging his arms and high-stepping down the sideline in Rogan's wake.

It was part drum major, part Tennessee walking horse (Clydesdale division).

Three days later, no video. It's like UFOs, Bigfoot, and Nessie all rolled into one. There are witnesses, sure, but where's the proof? Well, I gotcher proof raht hyah:

What? It's as authentic as some UFO videos you've seen, right?

By the way, the football talking points I mentioned earlier? Tomorrow. You'll just have to console yourself with Chief until then.