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Talking points: Kansas Jayhawks win NCAA championship, Memphis Tigers never learn edition

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  • Congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawks for pulling out a most lovely OT victory over the Memphis Tigers in the NCAA Championship last night. The BruceBall Blog already has the pithy breakdown from a Volunteer perspective: Memphis could have put the game away down the stretch when Kansas was forced into DESPERATION FOUL HIM, FOUL HIM mode, but didn't. Then, with time running out in regulation, they could have learned from our very own Bruce Pearl and fouled Kansas instead of letting them take the three point shot that tied the game and sent it to overtime where Memphis lost. I have no idea what this means, but Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
  • In orange basketball news, Pearl just placed third in the AP Coach of the Year voting, and Tyler Smith and Wayne Chism have both filed with the NBA Advisory Committee to see where they might go in the June 26 NBA draft. They'll get the results in about ten days. Six mock draft boards have Smith going anywhere between 16th of the first round to early second round. Pearl thinks Smith ought to run for the money only if he's in the teens.
  • Pat Summit and the Lady Vols take on Stanford and that freaky looking, history-of-drunk-and-disorderly tree tonight in the women's NCAA Championship. Stanford's on a 23-game win streak and has already beaten Tennessee once this year. Candace Parker's "non-traumatic" (yes, so-called by someone who's never had one) shoulder dislocation is a significant weakness for the Lady Vols, but if Shannon Bobbitt breaks into another impromptu pre-game rap session, then perhaps Stanford will get Hornbuckle'd just like LSU did.
  • Football talking points coming atcha lunch time-ish. Until then, tractor dance: