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Well, that didn't take long.  Not even 24 hours after winning the national title (again) and Final 4 MOP honors (again), Candace Parker is first.

First player picked in this year's WNBA draft.

Way to go, girl.  We're going to miss you dearly here in Rocky Top.  Now go terrorize the WNBA the way you did in college hoops - with class, beauty, effort, and unstoppable skill.

Video courtesy of ESPN

Update [2008-4-9 14:45:20 by hooper]: Other picks: Alexis Hornbuckle went 4th overall to Detroit. Shannon Bobbitt went first in the second round and will rejoin Parker (Yay!) in LA. Nicky Anosike went immediately after Bobbitt to Minnesota. Four Lady Vols in 16 picks. Sweet.

Update [2008-4-9 15:6:46 by hooper]: Auguste just went in the third round to New York. All 5 starters for UT have been drafted. Again: sweet.
Update [2008-4-9 18:5:7 by hooper]: ESPN finally has the video of Candace's selection. You probably missed it if, like me, you were back at that "work" thing. Here you go.