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Pat Summitt says that even
though this kid is cute as a
button, she would rip his freakin'
head off if he ever challenged
her to a game.
Photo by lovelypetal

You know, opponents don't just give you victory on the basketball court, and they sure don't give you a national championship. They most certainly, without question and without exception, do not give you two national championships in a row. No, if you want a national championship for the second straight year, you have to go out there and take it. Get there first and be fastest, best, strongest, and smartest, and when it's in your grasp, you wrap that sucker up and hold onto it with everything you have.

That's what Pat Summitt and the Lady Vols did last night. Shoot, that's what they've been doing all season.

In Tampa, on the big orange floor (hmm . . .), Tennessee took what it wanted from the last team standing between it and its object of desire. Stanford had the ball. Tennessee wanted the ball. Tennessee took the ball. Back to back. To back to back to back. Thirteen times Tennessee simply ripped possession of the ball from its adversary and called it its own. In so doing, the Lady Vols also took their second national championship in as many years. Pat Summitt's eighth in 33 seasons. That's right, nearly one national championship every four years. Yowza. Baseball players don't even get out of the batter's box at that rate.

Summitt didn't do it alone, of course. Candace Parker hit 5-10 from the field and 7-11 from the free throw line and finished the game with 17 points, nine rebounds, four steals, one block, and one good shoulder. Shannon Bobbitt hit three of eight three-pointers on her way to 13 points, and Nicky Anosike had 12 points and eight rebounds. The rest of the team was right there playing their respective roles as well.

But there is no doubt that Pat Summitt made these players what they were this season and what they are this morning. She has taught them that in competitive sports, if you want something, you just have to go and get it. After all, Summitt's been doing that for 33 years.

You know, Pat Summitt has found herself in a big, beautiful building with her name permanently painted on the floor. Last night, she found herself behind the wheel of yet another high-octane national championship team. And you may ask yourself, how did she get here? How did she end up possessing this great thing and inviting us along for the ride?

She took it, that's how.

Same as it ever was.