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RTT#2 Ben Martin: reviewing the class of 2007

Hmm. RTT#2 Ben Martin. Defensive end. Initial profile:

Crib notes on Martin's Getting to Know You piece, bullet-style:

  • Do not talk trash to Ben Martin.
  • Ended up a bit perturbed that no one would take him seriously when he said he was considering Tennessee and instead assumed he would be going either to Ohio State (most likely) or Notre Dame (next most likely).
  • A "bogeyman [who] pursues not with the slow, malevolent pace of a masked, machete-wielding villian, but with effort and speed."
  • "Off the charts character."

So to say we were looking for good things from Ben Martin in 2007 is a bit of an understatement. Then, in late August, the local news reported that Martin had torn a ligament in his knee. Fortunately, that report turned out to be wrong, and Martin merely (!) had a bone bruise so he'd only be out two to four weeks instead of 12 months. He missed the first two games but played in the third game against Florida. He played only sporadically after that, though, and only recorded seven total tackles on the entire season.


It would be a mistake to judge Martin too severely, though, as he received effusive praise this spring. He's currently listed as second on the depth chart at right end behind Robert Ayers, but the Papa absolutely adores the guy:

I love Ben Martin. He plays hard on every down. He still has some technique work to do, assignment work to do. Ben Martin is one of those guys you love to coach. You love to be around him as a person, you love to watch him at practice because he's going hard everyday. I cannot wait to see him in a game.
To which we all yell in unison: Then put the guy in already!
Because there are no higlights, I'll give you this instead: The Eric Berry review goes live at lunchtime today. That one's got highlights.