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Who said that?

Deadline met. Resting comfortably, thank you.

I'll try to nuke the notebook this weekend, but for now, a little fun.

Who said the following:

I guess we'll lose the faint-hearted now. Well, we can do without you. All of you letter-writers, to hell with you. I don't even have time to sort through them, much less read them. I know I'm old and fat, but I'm not ready to give up. I hope our players aren't.
  1. Phillip Fulmer, 2005.
  2. Charlie Weis, 2007.
  3. Bear Bryant, 1969.
  4. Phillip Fulmer, 2002.
  5. Mark Mangino, 2006.
  6. Steve Spurrier, 2001.
  7. Mike Gundy, 2006.
  8. Gen. Robert Neyland, 1947.
No cheating, now. After all, this is the internet, and we have an honor system. What? You didn't know?

Vote in the poll after the jump, but more importantly, leave your thought process in the comment section.

Update [2008-5-2 10:9:10 by Joel]: I'll reveal the answer mid-afternoon, by the way, so be sure to come back then.

Update [2008-5-2 15:21:53 by Joel]:The answer is:

Bear Bryant, 1969.

Legendary coach Paul "Bear" Bryant took over Alabama’s program in 1958, following a period during which Tennessee had won nine (and tied two) of the previous 12 games between the two teams. It took him three years to right the ship, losing two to the Vols and tying them once, but when he did, he ripped off five wins and one tie. Then, in 1967, Tennessee won four in a row, including an absolutely humiliating game for the Tide in 1969, which apparently brought out the critics in ‘Bama’s fan base.

Bryant of course then adopted the wishbone and crushed the world with it.

Huh. Even the best coaches can have bad periods and be made to suffer the critics, I guess.