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Rocky Top Talk tech dudes to give birth to new platform in the dark of night

Tomorrow morning, we'll be sporting a brand new look and feel here at Rocky Top Talk. Hooper's been fantastic about providing previews of the platform, so follow those links to get yourself pre-acclimated to the change. The site will be down for a couple of hours in the dark of night as the tech guys impregnate, gestate, and give birth to our new best friend. Trust me, you don't actually want to see the process, but the product will be as cute and lovable as a button. Soon, you will be dressing it in horrid frilly baby clothes, throwing it birthday parties, teaching it to drive, and sending it off to college. And then your life's work will be done.

When you fire up RTT in the morning, there will be a welcome post from Trei, the head tech dude, at the top of the page, and he and the other gurus will be hanging around answering questions and otherwise making the transition a smooth one all morning.

And if anything goes wrong, you can always call tech support, which has been outsourced to somewhere in Europe and to sometime in the middle ages: