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The Best Plays of 2007 Brackety-ish Thingy: set and seeded

Y'all have spoken. I have listened. Mostly. Let the wailing, moaning, and gnashing of teeth commence.

Below are the Sweet Sixteen Plays of the 2007 Season. Randy thinks I'm in a zone and that the bracket is da bomb, Paula thinks that I (or the performance, whatever) am "stunning," and Simon thinks I should have picked something else entirely.

The plan is to kick this thing off right, along with the launch of the new platform tomorrow.

First a glimpse into a wicked, tricksey mind: I started with the Original 23. From there, I first cut Steve Spurrier Nos. 2 and 3, on the suggestion of Aerobab. I kept Steve Spurrier No. 4, despite Aerobab's opinion, just because I think it was a huge play for Jacques McClendon to hustle down the field and cover up Arian Foster's potentially season-sealing fumble. That got us down to 21.

Then, on the Question of Kentucky, I decided that my brilliant idea to just use the entire game really was a terrible idea after all, and after much anguish and toil, I decided to keep No. 1 (Brad Cottam's 59-yard reception) and No. 2 (Gerald Jones' OT TD), to drop No. 3 (Rogers' OT TD) and No. 4 (Hancock's OT TD), and to add Foster's opening wheel route for a TD, the blocked FG in OT (thanks to hooper), and the game-winning thwartation of KY's 2-point try in the 5th OT just to appease Aerobab. I decided not to include Berry's abuse of the Wisconsin QB . . . just to tick off Aerobab. That puts us at zero, Aero. ;-)

Okay, so that put the field at . . . 22. Not a lot of progress.

I then went and looked at the hit that Berry put on Earl Bennett that had Getoffmyvols so stoked, and he's right; that was a nice hit. But it wasn't as good as the shot on the Wisky QB, and so I decided I might as well tick off GOMV while I was at it. I owe you one.

Then . . . I decided to cheat and count both Lincoln's FG and the botched attempt just prior to it as one play. Ha. I owe me one.

By that time, we were still at 22, and I, like Old Smokey, had a headache. The boot was itching for six. No more would be added, regardless. Hey, if my memory is faulty, shame on you for not being more memorable.

So the whittling:

  • Berry's 37-yard INT against Arkansas. It was at the end of the half and didn't really matter. Yes, it's Berry and woo and all that, but the boot is merciless.
  • O'Neal's 49-yard TD against Louisiana-Lafayette. Do we really need two plays from that game? No, so bye Kenny. Again.
  • Berry's INT against LSU. Should have done this earlier, when Aerobab suggested it. Aerobab, you owe me one, and I owe Getoffmyvols one, so could you just give it directly to him, please?
  • Taylor's 51-yard TD against Mississippi State. Wrong Bulldog.
  • Cottam's 59-yard reception against Kentucky. Too many Kentuckies, and it wasn't a TD, so boot.
  • Ainge's 53-yard pass to Foster against Alabama. Not a TD, a game I'd like to forget, and there was a penalty on the play against us.


And now the seeding, performed pursuant to a highly scientific method: me essentially grabbing the first thing that jumped out and sticking it in a slot. Only slightly worse than the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee.

Th.., 5/22
Tues., 5/27
Th., 5/29
Fri., 5/30
1. Eric Berry's INT and return for TD against Florida
4. Dennis Rogan's 53-yard punt return against Vanderbilt
3. Team thwartation of KY's 2-point attempt in 5th OT
2. Arian Foster's 59-yard TD against Arkansas
1. Gerald Jones' TD in OT against Kentucky
4. Eric Berry's INT against Arkansas
3. Daniel Lincoln's missed/made FG against Steve Spurrier
2. Jerod Mayo's INT and return for a TD against Arkansas
Fri., 5/23
Wed., 5/28
1. Dan Williams' blocked FG in OT against Kentucky
4. Jacques McClendon's fumble recovery against Steve Spurrier
3. Eric Berry's fumble recovery and 52-yard return against Steve Spurrier
2. Dennis Rogan's 78-yard KO return against Arkansas
1. Antonio Reynolds' INT and 70-yard return for TD against Louisiana-Lafayette
4. LaMarcus Coker's 74-yard KO return against Florida
3. Erik Ainge to Arian Foster for 65-yard TD against Kentucky
2. Lucas Taylor to LaMarcus Coker for 56-yard TD against Georgia

So there it is. We'll kick it off tomorrow along with the new platform. Voting on the first round will remain open through the entire three-day holiday weekend. By the way, we need abbreviated, memorable nicknames for those plays, so if something comes to you, post it.