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Spurrier's Incontinence, Part II v. Rogan Opens Up Arky Right

Next up in the Best Plays of 2007 Brackety-ish Thingy is No. 3 seed Spurrier's Incontinence, Part II versus No. 2 seed Rogan Opens Up Arky Right.

The contestants:

Spurrier's Incontinence, Part II

At stake: How many different ways can I say this? Apparently, no more, so Quote Me!

You know the story. Tennessee was not looking much like Tennessee, with the exception of the Georgia game, and was coming off a horrid loss to Alabama the week before. Would we go in the tank or would we, like so many times in seasons prior, put together a run?

In-game context: I've been saying that the Tennessee-Steve Spurrier game was one of those two-halves games, that the Vols owned the first and that the Gamecocks owned the second. That's true, mostly, but the first half actually started a bit sluggishly. That is, until this, with neither team having scored and the first quarter nearly over:

Impact: Tennessee scored a touchdown immediately after that, then two more in the second quarter while the defense held Spurrier scoreless. The second half? Never you mind about the second half. By the way, it's becoming increasingly clear that the only way to tackle Eric Berry is to facemask him.

Rogan Opens Up Arky Right

At stake: Time for another shortcut:

One more time, this time with feeling: McFadden? Jones? No! Foster, Berry, Mayo? Yes! Nobody was going to beat Arkansas, certainly not the same Vols who'd gotten drubbed by Cal, Florida, and Alabama, and gotten lucky against Steve Spurrier.

In-game context: Despite the fact that there was no way Tennessee was going to beat Arkansas on this day, the Vols scored a touchdown on the first drive. They then made the mistake of kicking off directly to Felix Jones, who returned it 48 yards, but the defense held the Hogs to a field goal. Well, anything you can do . . .

Impact: Felix who? From there it was all Tennessee all day, and it set the stage for a run to Atlanta.

So which of these two will advance? That's up to you. Vote below.