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Ooh! Magazines!

I went magazine gathering this afternoon. Alas, no Phil Steele yet, but I did find Football Time, Lindy's, and Athlon. Covers:

  • Lindy's: Arian Foster,  Vanderbilt's No. 33 (!?), and some cheerleader/dancer-ish person from Alabama (!!??).
  • Football Time: Jonathan Crompton.
  • Athlon: Eric Berry, levitating, and Vanderbilt's D.J. Moore (?!).

Early favorite: Athlon. Duh.

Quick peeks:

  • Athlon has Tennessee at 17.
  • Football Time has the Vols at 13.
  • Lindy's has us at 24.

So, um, I like Football Time the best. I haven't actually read any of them, mind you, but, you know.