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Overtime for the Best Plays of 2007

Huh. We were supposed to vote in the finals of the Best Plays of 2007 Brackety-ish Thingy this morning, but a funny thing happened. Big Dan Got Mad Ups advanced by a significant margin, but Kentucky Denouement and Woodwork tied.

What to do? I considered waking up Jackson the Mule, who hasn't even bothered to claim his old account yet, but I decided not to risk the coyotes. Oh, and the polls did in fact close at the specified time. It may look like you can still vote, but your choice isn't registered. Kind of like voting in Florida.

Anyway, I'm re-opening the poll . If you forgot to vote, do so today before noon. Pass the word and recruit some voters. Email your friends. Post on the message boards. Get to the nursing homes and the homeless shelters and GET OUT THAT VOTE! If we're still tied at noon, I'm calling Jackson. Whatever happens, the final match up takes place at high noon, and voting for that will remain open throughout the weekend.