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Bobby Maze a Vol

Update [2008-5-7 19:37:23 by hooper]: Whoops. Just as I post this, I look over and see that Old Smokey had this posted up a mere 2 hours before me. Credit goes to him first, folks.

Well, well, well...

Just when a couple roster spots open up on the men's basketball team - in particular,leaving our point position a little thin - we get this bit of news.  I don't know much about the guy, but the news I heard on this yesterday when this was discussed as a strong possibility seemed to indicate a good fit.  He's witty, too:

"Stevie Wonder could see this is where I needed to be, ..."

But we're going to hear about this one:

"There's no need for me to go visit Kentucky," he said. "There's not a better situation than this."

So help me out a bit, basket-Vol fans: is this guy a good pickup?  Beyond the fact that we just need a point, period, how do you think he'll do?  I really don't know anything about him and I'm not that good at figuring out basketball projections (football guy, remember?).

I do know this much: when your program and head coach are looked at as the great "up-and-comers" in the world of high-profile men's bb, it's a lot easier to pull these kinds of late recruits off.