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Brandon Warren's eligibility waivers

Finally, some decent information on Brandon Warren, the tight end who played for Florida State as a freshman and for whom FSU refused to grant a release despite the fact that his mother was suffering from kidney cancer back home in Knoxville.

The problem is that Warren left FSU in the middle of the semester and thus didn't complete the NCAA's year-in-residency requirement before leaving FSU.

Warren has been attending classes at Pellissippi State Technical Community College since he left FSU. In November, an NCAA panel released Warren from his LOI based on his mother's illness and their financial hardship. So raspberry to Florida State.

Warren will enroll at Tennessee on Monday, at which time the University will file two waivers on his behalf. One of the waivers is a request to allow him to receive financial aid, and the other is to grant him eligibility to play for Tennessee this fall.

Don't expect an answer from the NCAA until later this summer, but while the review is pending, Warren will be allowed to work out and practice with the team.