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Tennessee Volunteers on Phil Steele's All-American and Best Player Lists

Crazy day yesterday, so the Georgia review will have to wait until tomorrow or Friday. For now, though, a few nuggets from the first skim through Phil Steele 2008:


  • Anthony Parker, second team offense.
  • Arian Foster, fourth team offense.
  • Rico McCoy, third team defense.

Best Player Lists:

  • Anthony Parker is the 3rd best guard.
  • Rico McCoy is 5th on the list of the Top 66 outside linebackers.
  • Eric Berry's 6th on the list of the Top 44 strong safeties.
  • Josh McNeil is the 6th best center.
  • Britton Colquitt is 6th on the list of the Top 22 punters.
  • Arian Foster is the 8th best RB.
  • Demonte Bolden is the 13th best defensive tackle.
  • Ramon Foster is the 14th best offensive tackle.
  • Daniel Lincoln is the 16th best kicker.
  • Jacques McClendon is ranked 21st on the list of the best guards.
  • Jonathan Crompton is No. 29 on the list of the Top 62 QBs.
  • Chris Scott is the 30th best offensive tackle.
  • Lucas Taylor is the 43rd best WR.
  • Dan Williams is the 59th best defensive tackle.

Tennessee has no one on any of the following lists:

  • Top 41 TEs
  • Top 25 FBs.
  • Top 60 best defensive ends.
  • Top 55 inside linebackers.
  • Top 20 kick returners.
  • Top 65 corners.
  • Top 21 punt returners.
  • Top 44 free safeties.


  • Dennis Rogan as punt returner, perhaps, although he was only 41st in the nation last year, and Steele's list only goes to 21.
  • Demetrice Morley as a free safety. Understandable, because he didn't play last year, but expect him to do well not only because he's playing next to Berry, but because he's good.
  • Gerald Jones is nowhere to be found, but to be fair, I'm not sure where he would go.

Steele apparently loves our offensive line, ranking guard Anthony Parker higher than any other Tennessee player and also putting center Josh McNeil, tackles Ramon Foster and Chris Scott, and guard Jacques McClendon on his Best Player lists. Yes, that's the entire offensive line.