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Talking points: now, now, now edition

  • For anyone considering a career in the transactional practice of law to avoid those nasty litigation deadlines: every one of a transactional attorney's projects is due now
  • Okay. There's this, from Tyler Smith, who was understandably thinking about last night's NBA draft:
    "If you're in the top 13, you'll get at least $3 million. Late first round, $800,000 to $900,000, then you take taxes out, and I get myself a nice new car, and there's no money left."

    So just what kind of car does Tyler (aside: hey, I just realized we can start calling him "Smith" now) have in mind?
  • And there's this: Josh Nunes' Upland High School is catching Big Orange fever: Parents wearing orange and power Ts, Tennessee fans planning a trip to Nunes' season-opener and "turning loose a bunch of orange and white balloons," and discussing the re-scheduling of a Labor Day practice so that the team could all watch the Tennessee-UCLA game.
  • Brian Williams has a new nickname: Da Neighborhood.
  • Inside Tennessee on the Best middle linebackers of the Fulmer Era.
  • And Brian's article/post on the zone stretch will take the rest of your day and will be worth every minute.