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Forgive me, Papa, for I have sinned

I've been bad. Really, truly bad.

I contributed to an Alabama publication:


It'll be in the stores in Alabama around the 15th, I believe, and available from Amazon sometime soon. Or you can buy it directly from Maple Street Press.

My piece is on the Third Saturday in October, and I wrote it as a Vol fan, so I probably made enemies on both sides. So there's that.

The thing is 112 pages of Alabama football, but . . . if you want to know why both Tennessee coach Robert R. Neyland and Alabama coach Frank Thomas had foot fetishes . . . if you want to know just who survived our repeated attempts to kill him in 1946 . . . if you want to know whose helmet was making him bald in 1960 . . . or if you want details on Stabler's cerebrum malfunction, Bear Bryant's bile, or a variety of other tidbits about the rivalry with our neighbor to the south, then go ahead and buy the book.

I'm sorry. I fully expect and deserve your stern rebuke below.