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Talking Points: the orange 'sphere edition

Just a few quick links this morning:

  • Gate 21 is infiltrating the enemy. He's been captured, but, surprisingly, he's being treated very well.
  • The BruceBall Blog found treasure in his attic while moving. Nothing in my attic but empty boxes. What's in yours?
  • 3rd Saturday in Blogtober takes a look at the key Vol injuries this offseason. So far, it's looking like we'll be fine. Fingers crossed and hands clasped.
  • YMSWWC takes a look at the little known new features of EA Sports NCAA 2009 Football, including one that makes Ohio State automatically lose in the national championship game if paired up against an SEC team. I still want the feature where any player that gets within a yard of Eric Berry immediately arrests, keels over, and is thereafter confined to the latest addition to Neyland Stadium, the Calhoun's Concourse Crypt.
  • Southeastern Sports Blog's new favorite thing? CBS College Sports channel. Partial reason:
    Tue 9:00 PM - 2003 Tennessee at Alabama (5 OT)
    Fri 9:00 PM - 1996 Alabama at Tennessee (Jay Graham)
    Sun 12:00 PM - 2007 Tennessee at Kentucky (4 OT)


    Reason enough, aye?

  • Early returns on this week's Big Orange Roundtable: Fulmer's Belly (in verse!), Gate 21, Southeastern Sports Blog, YMSWWC, 3rd Saturday in Blogtober, and The Power T. Apologies if I've missed anyone.