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Jacques McClendon bench presses 1.4333 Mark Manginoes

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Junior offensive guard Jacques McClendon broke another weight-lifting record this week by bench pressing an astounding 645 pounds. For a little context, that's roughly the equivalent of:

  • 69 gallons of water
  • 129 bricks
  • almost four kegs of beer
  • 1.4333 Mark Manginoes

The old UT record was 550 pounds, set by Albert Toeaina. When strength and conditioning coach Johnny Long said that that amount of weight is "hard to roll when it's on the ground," I'm assuming he meant when it's something cylindrical and not, say, square, but with McClendon anything is possible.

It's a well-guarded secret that in a former life, McClendon singlehandedly erected Stonehenge under the trade name "Dunker":

Dude's strong, okay? And fast and opportunistic to boot:

Yes, that's our man, 18 yards down the field recovering a fumble and requiring the officials to substitute a new ball for the one he just accidentally and permanently deflated.