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Talking points: Eric Berry adds lean muscle mass, ability to run through brick walls without breaking stride

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"Post-Eric Berry Wall"
Photo by: Dano

  • Eric Berry has added "probably 15 pounds of lean muscle mass" in the off season. If he would have had that last year, Tyler Donovan's head would have come clean off in the end zone of the Outback Bowl. And by the way, the phrase "lean muscle mass" is my new favorite phrase.
  • 3rd Saturday in Blogtober has a scoop on the Vols' new road unis.
  • The BruceBall Blog has terminated his lease and moved to a nice beachfront property of his own at a new domain. Update your bookmarks and blogrolls, y'all, and stop by to leave him a house-warming comment.
  • Will at Southeastern Spots Blog relives the 1998 Upset Saturday, the day that ended with Vol fans making reservations for Tempe. Will also makes the point that a QB doesn't have to be a star to lead a team to the national championship by observing that Tee Martin's 1998 highlight reel consists of only a Six-Fingered-Man handful of plays. Remember this when the pundits question the 2008 Vols' chances under first year starter Jonathan Crompton for the 100th time.
  • Erik Ainge signs with the New York Jets . . . and becomes left-handed. Huh. 
  • Arian Foster needs only 684 yards to break Travis Henry's career rushing record. Quite a feet. Yeah, feet. Uh-huh. Okay.
  • I may have more on this later, but in case I forget or run out of time, attention, or breath, don't miss the House Rules for College Football.