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3 things I learned at lunch: The Papa's got a brand new raise

Stuff I heard on my iPod while eating lunch in my car, vaguely half remembered, probably incorrectly, un- fact-checked or otherwise verified, and probably just made up in between sips of aspartame.
  • The Papa got a $350,000 raise. He'll make $2.4M in 2008, and his salary will escalate to $3.3M by 2014.

  • Bruce Pearl got a $300,000 raise, and he'll make $1.6M this season. His contract rises to $2.5M by 2014, and he also got a $250,000 bonus and an upfront retention bonus of $1.5M.

  • Brian "Da Neighborhood" Williams has gained weight, but it's mostly muscle. He's currently at 275 and wants to get down to 270 for the season. He didn't get a raise.