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The Papa becomes a Grandpapa: Phillip Fulmer officially old

GVX is reporting that  Phillip Fulmer is a grandfather. Fulmer's daughter Courtney gave birth to Joseph Phillip Peace in Austin, Texas on Monday.Courtney's married to Robert Peace. Yes, that Robert Peace, the former UT linebacker.

Robert and Courtney's little nugget is almost certainly already decked out in Vol garb from itty-bitty squishy head to cutesy-wootsy wittle toes. Sources say that Fulmer has already rebuked Robert for holding onto the baby like a loaf of bread. Upon hearing these stern words, though, Little Joseph, being the son of a linebacker, reportedly hauled off and planted Grandpapa on his tail with a perfect form tackle, at which time Fulmer offered him a scholarship for 2026.

Congratulations to all involved, and coach, just kidding about the "old" thing. You're still an entire generation away from Paterno.