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Talking points: it's the corner after the next

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  • The next best thing to Game Day is Game Week, and the next best thing to Game Week is Practice Week. Football practice begins this Saturday afternoon, following media and picture morning. The first full day in pads will be August 6, and two-a-days start on August 12. Not long, folks. Not long.
  • Foster to gain three even prior to kickoff. Arian Foster will be wearing injured fullback David Holbert's No. 30 jersey for the UCLA game. Foster appears to be a true leader of this team. Among other things, he's making sure that the upper- and lower-classmen are all on the same page, same team, brothers, don'tcha you know. This camaraderie is apparently out of the ordinary for elders and youngins, which is news to me, but if it's true, consider that another positive omen for the upcoming season.
  • Ayers' errrors in the past. Speaking of leaders, Robert Ayers has matured into an impressive one himself.
  • You're welcome. Georgia's tipping point last year? Not the entire-team-on-the-field-celebration-penalty you're thinking of. No, Tennessee's Dawg-Whoopin' of Georgia, which triggered said desperate move.
  • Problems pending. Inside Tennessee has a nice recap of the new rules governing play for the upcoming season. Will the tinkering never end?
  • Like Jason, but without that mired horror villain pace. Ben Martin: freak. He's apparently as fast as the defensive backs.
  • The ten-year wake. Southeastern Sports Blog finishes up his recap of the 1998 National Championship season by looking at its legacy.
  • Yay for you! BFF! Sunday Morning QB has been called up. Dawg Sports bids farewell. This is great and well-deserved news for SMQ.
  • Nasty Tasty. MGoBlog's credentials take him inside the Big 10 Media Days sausage factory where he gets up close and personal with all the gristle, blood, and other ugly bits.
  • Undaunted. The BruceBall blog has the entire 2007-2008 schedule for the basketball Vols, who will play both teams from the National Championship Game last year. We go to Kansas on January 3 and host Memphis on January 24. As much fun as we had with Memphis last year, it will be fun to do it twice this season. Assuming we win at least one of them.