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SEC Preview podcast In The Bleachers Live

Tune in to In The Bleachers Live tonight at 9:00 EST for an SEC Preview podcast. I'll be on around 9:35 to talk about the Vols and hopefully nobody else as I am, as always, chronically behind and therefore know little to nothing about anybody else in the league at this time. Well, the Tide and the Gators are evil, but that's a given each season, you know.

Brian will have Jeff Brancolini's Bologna Chopshop on first, Justin Hokanson, who's the Auburn Community leader at the Bleacher Report on second, and Spencer Orson Swindle Hall from EDSBS, EDSBS LIVE, and the Sporting News on after me.

In The Bleachers Live Podcast Link
When: 9:00 EST
Phone Number to Call In: (724) 444-7444
Talkcast ID: 81065