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Talking points: but you don't want to keep saying "but" edition

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My day. A week's worth of 'em.

  • Quote of the day: "but you don't want to keep saying 'but,'" courtesy of The Papa, who found a new way to say that Jonathan Crompton needs to eliminate the interceptions. 
  • Berry at QB! Berry at QB! Berry at QB! Uh, yeah, Eric Berry spent some time at quarterback during practice yesterday. He looked "pretty good for the first time," according to Fulmer. Uh-huh. Looked pretty good for the first time all last season, too. Berry's thoughts: "I wasn't really expecting, they kind of surprised me with it today, it was spur of the moment. It's the same kind of thing we were doing with in the spring. I'm excited about it if it happens but it's not a huge deal to me." An attitude like that is surely just one of the reasons he's adored by Vol fans and teammates like Demetrice Morley, who routinely spends school breaks with the Berry family in Fairburn, Georgia. Gushing from Morley: "His family is good people. I love Eric Berry. He's a good person, a people person, and he's always fun to be around." I could say the same thing, you know, if you define "around" as being in the stands watching him.
  • The G-Gun! The G-Gun! The G-Gun! Dave Clawson is making Gerald Jones learn the defense this year as an additional wrinklle to Jones' QB package. Specifically, he's deciding where the defense is going to be and what the pursuit angles will be pre-snap rather than reading as he's running. He's also throwing the ball more often out of the thing. Oh, and tucked into the back end of an Inside Tennessee article is the news that Jones started ahead of both Josh Briscoe and Austin Rogers on Saturday. And one last thing on Jones: his 19th birthday was on Sunday, and he celebrated by giving the offensive linemen and defensive linemen cupcakes. Don't get used to the cupcakes, guys. Our schedule is meat and potatoes. Raw.
  • Tucked into the back end of a VolQuest article is the news that the entire Clawfense has been installed. Expect the coaches to begin identifying what looks like its going to work and what looks like it's not going to work, and to begin carving, shaving, and honing accordingly.
  • Something odd here. Arian Foster didn't practice yesterday due to a sore knee. It doesn't appear to be serious, but something about it is nagging at me, and I think that something is this question: Why is it sore? Hasn't he mostly been held out of practice all fall so far? Hmm.
  • When no news becomes something other than good news. Still no news on Brandon (Still No News) Warren.
  • Bad news for Bulldogs. Georgia starting left tackle Trinton Sturdivant, who started all 13 games as a freshman last season, suffered a knee injury yesterday. Georgia Sports Blog links to an article suggesting that the injury might be season-ending and characterizes the news as ranging from "bad, but manageable" to "a serious, seriuos blight on any championship hopes." There is apparently no decent back up at left tackle, and without Sturdivant, the Bulldogs return only two starters on the offensive line.