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Talking points: hammering down to size our fingernails edition

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Almost done . . .
Photo by ZeePack

Still finishing up a project that I was hoping to finish this weekend. Until it's done, more Talking Points.

Around the hill:

  • Yesterday's bad news for Bulldogs confirmed. Georgia left tackle Trinton Sturdivant is indeed out for the year.
  • Speaking of Georgia . . . My friend pwd from the Georgia Sports Blog is fond of pointing out that while The Papa and David Cutcliffe together are 9-0 against the Bulldogs, The Papa without Cutcliffe is 2-5. I keep telling him that it has less to do with Cutcliffe and more to do with who's here when Cutcliffe's not, but the meme is catching on, as College Football Review is echoing pwd's sentiments. Oh, and mark this down as the day the term "Clawfense" jump out of the Vol only blogosphere and into the deep end.
  • Are you comfortable or afflicted? The Papa: comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. One could spend all day breaking down that statement and applying it to different aspects of coach Fulmer's relationship with his football team and the Tennessee fan base.
  • Five minutes with Josh McNeil. Not what you're thinking, but this: that's about all the time you need, according to the Tennessean, to conclude he's "the perfect offensive lineman." The article also reminds us that he was the top-rated high school center in the nation back when he was recruited. McNeil had some things to learn when he arrived on campus, namely that he wasn't the best center in college,  but fortunately his 180 is faster than his forty-time, and he's about-faced, he's been working hard, and he's one of this team's biggest assets. Look for great things from him this season.
  • Willingham more than just willing. Gerald Jones says that DeAngelo Willingham has gone from a 6 to a 10. Always working, that guy, says Jones. Has made the greatest single-year stride of any junior college player he has coached, says The Papa. I like the sound of that, says me.
  • No worries on Brent Vinson. The reason Vinson had been working with the third team? Just that he'd missed spring practice after shoulder surgery, apparently, although there are whispers that there's more to it than that. I hope not, as it really seems like the guy's also got a solid 180. Vinson worked with the second and first teams yesterday.
  • And no worries on Arian Foster, maybe probably. Foster's sore knee? Bone bruise, according to an MRI. He won't be limited any further in fall camp, apparently.
  • Sigh. Hammering down to size our fingernails. Still nothing on Brandon (Still No News) Warren. Come on, folks. Time's a-wastin'.

Around the 'sphere:

  • The Fulmer Cup is over, and Alabama leads all losers by winning. We're merely 10th after a horribly strong start.
  • Speaking of 'Bama . . . Spencer says there's a special spot in hell for Alabama fan Joey Barrett, who entered into an Auburn frat house, yelled Roll Tide, stabbed the Auburn fans who got upset, and then attempted to get a retarded man to take the blame. 
  • Sunday Morning QB is off to his new digs! Our very own hooper helps him quantify his numbers! Expecting a postcard from Matt any day now! Just as soon as he gets the utilities turned on at the new, as yet undisclosed location!