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War and Peace: The Continuing Story of Houston Nutt

This isn't directly UT-related, but it is an SEC story.

For those of you who didn't know, I'm becoming an enormous fan of the "blog" that Chris Low runs on  (I refer to MSM blogs as "blogs" for two reasons: 1) they're professional writers using a blog-ish format to write a journalism piece; 2) they often involve actual beat reporting - like Chris Low - which is something most bloggers can't do.)  Chris Low doesn't fall into that 1-sentence-per-paragraph writing that most MSM "bloggers" try to pass off as a "blog".  He actually tells a story when he writes.

Back to the point: his latest entries were transcripts of an interview he conducted with Houston Nutt regarding the Arkansas firing /  Ole Miss hiring around the turn of the year.  For "bloggish" convenience, Low broke up the transcript into two pieces:

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

The Arkansas/Nutt fiasco has highlighted some of the worst of college fandom.  How many of us would appreciate having every waking moment of our lives scrutinized for mistakes - including FOIA requests - with the sole intent of finding reasons to get us fired?  Or have airplane banners requesting our firing?  At another teams' stadium?  As someone with enough skeletons in the closet, it's a process that has really been disturbing for me to watch.  But when I read the interview, I got a sense that Nutt and his family have been able to move past the whole mess and pick up with their lives.  I hope the best for Nutt, and I think Ole Miss will be a good place for him.

If you skipped the interview pieces, go back and read them.  It's not like you're watching a college football game right now, after all.

And Chris Low, if you happen to grace this blog with your reading, keep up the wonderful work.