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Crompton and the Clawfense show better in Saturday scrimmage

Just a few scrimmage notes before I head out this morning:

  • No interceptions from Crompton, who went 12-18 for 101 yards and one touchdown -- a "great throw," according to recipient Gerald Jones, who had found just a bit of space between Eric Berry and some unidentified defender. Crompton also led the team on another drive that ended with a mid-range field goal by Daniel Lincoln. Clawson says that Crompton is playing faster every time he steps on the field. Clock and huddle management was good.
  • The receivers were consistently able to find space.
  • The offensive line got a strong push and made room for the running backs.
  • The Clawfense will begin sculpting this week, whittling away at the playbook until they discover its best and truest form for this team.
  • Freshman Tauren Poole continues to turn heads. Poole had a 20-yard run that featured several broken tackles and averaged between six and seven yards behind the first team o-line.

All for now. Thoughts?