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Interview with Eric Berry

I dont' really need to add anything to the title of this post; the mention of "that name" is enough to grab your attention.  But Chris Low has a transcript of an interview with Berry on his ESPN "blog" that's worth the read.  The transcript is in 2 parts, linked here.  (The links will open in new windows, thus making it easier to come back here for the other link after you've read one part.)

Part 1.

Part 2.

Lots of good stuff there, but here are two teasers:

"Right now, I'm weighing 210. I finished up in the spring weighing around 202. I've gotten a lot stronger. (Strength coach) Johnny Long's program is ridiculous. I read and react faster. I come out of my breaks more fluently. His program takes you to a whole different level."  --Eric Berry

"...Tennessee's Eric Berry, who says his 12-year-old twin brothers, Evan and Elliott, are "way better" than he was at their age."  --Chris Low

Now go read.

Dang, I can't wait for the season to begin.